2 Years Without Cancer

It’s hard to believe I finished chemo 2 years ago and had my transplant. It’s such a blessing to be here today. Everyday is a gift. At my 2 year visit with the long term care doctor I was given some bad news that my bone density dropped a lot. I have osteoporosis. I will be receiving some sort of shot every six months that will help strengthen the bones. On top of that I have a very painful hip and back. It’s been this way for about a year now . The doctor is requesting an MRI to see if anything abnormal is spotted.

My immunoglobulin is extremely low as well. On paper my immune system looks great but when they check further there isn’t much fight in me. An example of what happens to me is , a common cold for my kids turns into a 3 day fever , low energy , difficulty breathing for me and lingers twice as long. It used to be easier for me but since transplant my body has to fight a lot to get rid of infections. So the plan is once again IVIG. I had infusions every 4 weeks that took about 4 hours for 6 months. Now I will be doing it from home more frequently. It will be a learning experience I’m sure.

With it being 2 years since my transplant, I have inquired about finding out who my donor is. I haven’t heard anything yet but am hopeful for some news soon. At the same time I think how on earth do you thank someone who has given you so much. I don’t even know.

Our family was able to have a trip to California. We really wanted to do this with the kids because our last couple years were so tough. Walking into California Adventure and seeing Mickey Mouse was the most magical part. I was almost in tears. The fact that I was there and my family was there and I was alive to experience it, was far more than I could handle. The excitement didn’t end. I was the least excited about the trip and In the end I think I absorbed it the most. I’m definitely going back.

That’s my update for now. I hope and pray that there won’t be another one for awhile. ❤️


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