Sunshine Feels Good!

Well you can check #8 and # 14 off the bucket list.

# 8 – go on a vacation with Aaron ✅

#14- go whale watching ✅

That’s right folks, this lady got to enjoy the sunshine in Maui!

We decided fairly last minute that the sun and a holiday away would be beneficial for both of us. It has been a very long time and with things being so rough, we just bit the bullet and did it.

To be away from home and not be in a hospital was a great feeling. I did have many moments that I missed the kids but FaceTime was pretty great for that.

The weather was very nice. Not too hot but enough for Aaron to burn. 24 degrees Celsius was the average. I wore a lot of sunscreen . I have to take care not to get skin cancer. As should everyone.

We went on a couple adventures. Whale watching and snorkeling was the highlight of my trip . I enjoyed it so much . It was always a dream of mine to see whales in the wild and I saw an abundance of them. They were right beside our boat several times. We could watch them from our lanai too. It was amazing.

We also jumped in the water and swam with turtles and fish. It was pretty cool. I had to swim with a belly floaty and a board. With the fatigue it wasn’t worth the risk. I did get tired and so I’m thankful for the care and concern I received from Gemini. They fed us a delicious meal too!

Aside from this we went to a luau. The Drums of the Pacific was the one we chose. Mainly because it was at our resort. Once again amazing food and the entertainment was spot on.

About a 15 minute walk away was Whaler’s village . It was a cute little shopping place with a few restaurants. We ate there a couple different times. Food was always delicious.

On our final full day we rented a car. To our surprise and excitement we were upgraded to a convertible because they were out of the Ford Fusion. It was some sort of Buick. It was fun to drive around Maui with the roof down. We went all over. Visited a few little places Paia, Kihei, Lahaina. My favourite place was hookipa beach. This is where we watched surfers of all sorts and watched a monk seal swim and visit on shore. There were also tons if turtles.

I really could go on and on but I think I will leave it at that. We are both feeling refreshed and a little less stressed out. I came home with new goals to push myself and not hide so much. I came home to a clean house and happy kids. Thank you Mom and everyone else who helped make this trip possible. We feel so thankful that we could get away.

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