Biopsy Results

As you know from my previous blog post, I have had some worries on my mind. I developed a white sandpaper like area on the roof of my mouth. 2 weeks ago they did a biopsy and took a chunk out of the roof of my mouth . Today I got the results. There is no cancer! I’m very thankful for this wonderful news . The downside is that what was presented was showing signs of something that will have to be closely monitored. The cancer oncology will be my dentist for the future until he feels like I’m in the clear. That gives me peace of mind . Another biopsy will be done down the road as well as x-rays.

I feel like my Heavenly Father has stayed close to me and carried me through these worrisome days. Things have not been easy mentally or physically and I just have to trust that Gods got this and pray for peace and comfort.

I am loving this snowy weather. We went to play in the snow at Aaron’s sisters house and I think the kids might go play some outdoor pond hockey. Enjoy the beautiful whiteness everywhere.

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