I Love Fall!

There is something so cozy about fall. The leaves and colours that surround us bring me a lot of visual happiness . The smell of comfort food and spicy candles . The warmth of lamps and fireplaces makes everything feel just right. Thanksgiving and turkey , need I say more.

Fall is definitely my favourite season. It’s been hard to enjoy the last 2 we have had because I was sick and recovering from my stem cell transplant . This year I am enjoying God’s beautiful creation from the comfort of my home instead of a hospital room. It’s pretty awesome.

What’s your favourite season and why?

Genesis 8:22

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

5 thoughts on “I Love Fall!

  1. If I had to pick a season, I’d definitely pick Winter. Christmas to me is unreal, there’s nothing else like it and the happiness that comes with me. I do agree with you about Fall though, sweater weatherrrrrr. Great post, keep it up!
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  2. Right now at this time in my life my favorite season is winter. I live in Alabama and winter is the only time our air conditioner does not run all of the time. I can’t stand hot temperatures. If I get too hot for too long I get dizzy headed, nauseous, and just all around feeling yucky. I know if a person gets too hot they suffer from heat exhaustion, but my heat tolerance is very low, temps of 80 can overwhelm me in no time at all. So, I love winter; I love long sleeves, knee socks, hoodies, and comfy pants. I love baking and not heating the whole house up when the oven is on. Then there is the added bonus of Christmas. I love the decorations, the feeling of love and excitement that is in the air, the music, and the movies, I love it all. Then there is the added bonus of once every so often we get snow and/or ice. This is another favorite and I *know* should I live where snow is a normal part of winter that I wouldn’t like it. In Alabama the snow doesn’t last long enough for it to be ‘normal’. The threat of snow sends everyone to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread because we just don’t know how to drive on snow or ice so we stay home and most complain about it. I just love it. I love the silence that is in the air after a snowfall. I love winter and now you know why.


  3. Fall is my favorite time as well. I love the colors, the cooler weather and spending time with family and friends. I would say being thankful, but that should be an every day thing. I’m not great at it but I try to remember to thank God for everything Nd ask for forgiveness for being ungrateful for all that He has provided.


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