MDS Awareness Day Today

Today is my opportunity to spread some awareness on Myeloid Dysplasia Syndrome . Many people have never heard of it as it’s considered more of an “old people disease.” I know how wrong that assumption is because I know many young people who have this.

Mds is often a secondary cancer brought on by previous chemotherapeutic drugs. I was always so thrown off by chemo because it caused cancer. However that isn’t always the case. People who have been exposed to harmful chemicals in their job or their home can get it and some there just isn’t an explanation.

Mds has a very wide range of degrees. You can have and live a healthy life with MDS for years. Doctors will just watch and wait to see how it progresses and then there’s me and many others who get RAEB-2 . That stands for reactive anemia with excessive blasts and I think the 2 makes it the highest severity . There’s also lots of things in between but you can google that if you want.

My symptoms:

-Very early in spring of 2016 I had night sweats . That I couldn’t understand but looking back we know now it’s a symptom.

-I was always tired

-Fatigue hit bad around 2 months before diagnosis.




I had all these things going for me and I had a hard time getting a doctor to listen to me. It took me telling one doc if he didn’t admit me I would die. Good thing he listened because I was right.

Those are only my symptoms. This is my experience.

Since it is awareness day I would like to encourage you to visit blood services website and find out how to be a stem cell transplant donor. Or book an appointment to give blood.

Thanks for reading!

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