Say Cheese…

I love taking pictures, looking at pictures, being in pictures and sharing pictures. Pictures are great. From the very first day of being sick , I made people take pictures of me. I took pictures of medical equipment, fantastic hospital room views, bruises. I have pictures from my very first bone marrow biopsy and my first chemo. I wanted everything documented. I have bald head photos and photos of my hair on the floor. I have photos with my favourite doctors and nurses. I have family photos from when we thought I wouldn’t survive. Not everyone is comfortable with that and I wasn’t always either. I wanted everything documented so my kids and Aaron would have my story to remember me by. A stage in life no matter the outcome, would have a visible reminder or treasure . That’s why I started blogging. My story is all written out. I don’t remember a lot of it because I was so sick. So I’m thankful that it’s there. I hope to make some sort of photo/ blog book out of it and have it printed.

I wanted to encourage you all to take more photos. Don’t be shy in photos. Enjoy and embrace the you that God made.

2 nights ago I was reminded how precious life is. You see 17 years ago when I was pregnant with Gavin, I joined a mommies group online. This group has been through a lot. 17 years later many of us are still part of the online group. We even have a Marco polo group where we can talk to each other and see each others faces. We’ve been through divorce, marriage, more children, trauma, trials and sickness together, financial problems and so much more. We’ve supported each other through the toughest of times. Well 2 nights ago one of our own at only 40 years old, passed away in her sleep. So far cause of death is not known. Her best friend is also a part of our group and received the devastating call from our friends husband. This has been a hard thing to process for many . It makes you think. Any day could be your day. There was nothing wrong with Melissa. No known sickness that anyone was aware of, She now leaves behind 3 kids and a husband.

The pictures they have will be treasured forever. I know Steph has been posting many pictures of fond memories that they had together and it’s wonderful that she has these keepsakes .

So don’t be shy! Take photos. Take selfies . Invest in family photos. I am so happy that my wall is covered in photos of my family and hope that they will always be cherished. ( Our family photos were taken by

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