Keto Diet

As I struggle with my quest to find a weight balance on prednisone, it seems the only way to control the excess weight is through a low glycemic diet. Some of the weight gain is water retention. So reducing sodium is a must . It feels uncomfortable having a swollen face. The tight feeling is not nice. I’m going to venture and try to eat a low glycemic diet which has led me to the ketogenic diet . I’m hoping I can get through the ravenous carb cravings and always wanting to eat. It’s hard to reach for raw veggies because steroids have made my teeth incredibly sensitive to cold. I will try though! Until I’m off the steroids I need something to help. So I hope I can succeed . Do you have any good keto ideas? Let me know ! This doesn’t look easy 😳

4 thoughts on “Keto Diet

  1. Yes! I’ve done Keto! And my sister in AB has been on it for years, she loves it and she’s a star at it!! Ask away, if I don’t know the answers, Melinda will ;)In the beginning, I did a LOT of “pinteresting” to figure it out, and I never stressed about counting the macros. Just take the general ideas of high fat, low carb, no sugar, and you’re on your way! I def went through the withdrawal stage for a day or two, and that sucked, but then you’re in the clear. You got this!! 🤗🎉❤️

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  2. Hey Tania. I’ve been doing the Keto thing for 9 days now. One thing I recommend is steaming all your veggies so they are easier to eat and you can get much more in and faster that way.
    Also, keep lots of nuts and seeds on hand. Cheese, peanut butter and plain rice cakes are your friend! I lost six lbs the first week. We’ll see how the second week goes!

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  3. I bought laughing cow cheese, spicy one which I like, and spread it on a ham or turkey slice. Add some sliced red pepper, cucumber and spinach. Roll up and this is your “sandwich wrap” … yum 😊 I take 3 or 4 of these to work for lunch.


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