Immune System Health

First I want to say that no one is paying me and that the opinions in this post are of my own.

Being a transplant patient I have to be on immune suppressing drugs. Even though I am 1 year post transplant, I have GVHD which makes it hard for me to go off of the medication. There are things that I choose to do to help protect myself against getting sick.

1. Flu shot! I got my flu shot done on Monday. It makes me feel a little bit more protected. There are also many around us who are not allowed the flu shot so if you go get your flu shot , you are helping protect those with weak immunity.

2. Wash your hands . Keep hand sanitizer in your car or purse .

3. We diffuse thieves oil in our house a lot this time of year. It’s basically like spraying Lysol around the air to kill bacteria but it’s natural essential oils. No harmful chemicals.My kids love it too. I’m a big fan of essential oils . If you want me to hook you up let me know.

4. I am trying something new. Young living sells a juice called ningxia red. It’s supposed to be good for a lot of health benefits including helping your immune system. So I figured I would try it out and see how it goes. It certainly can’t hurt. I just started the drink yesterday. If anything , I will be getting lots of good vitamins.

4. Isolation … this one sucks. I have to stay away from sickness as much as possible. I did get the flu shot but there’s many other things out there that aren’t covered by the flu shot. However, I still like to get out so I will just have to be extra careful when I do.

Stay healthy everyone! Wash those hands , cover your mouth when you cough and stay in when you’re sick.


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