New Beginnings…

It’s funny how life takes you on  journey you weren’t expecting, only to find that the path you have been led on has brought you to exactly where you’re supposed to be. The path may not be easy but choosing to embrace the good, the bad and the unexpected can bring you an abundance of peace and joy and fulfillment.

I hope you will continue to follow my journey through life. For those who are new to this blog let me tell you a bit about myself.

This is me…

1V0C7056 (2)On January 25th, 2017 I was diagnosed with a type of leukemia called MDS RAEB-2.( To read the full story you can find my old blog on the sidebar. Beware there’s a lot to read but you can see how this unfortunate turn of events has shaped me into the person God wants me to be. ) I had to start intense chemo right away and spent an unexpected month in the hospital away from my family. Though at times we lived with much uncertainty as to whether I would make it through or not, we made it this far. Being told there was hope through a stem cell transplant only to find out I had no match, to finding out a donor had been found but my body had too many things going on to survive it. Thanks to many prayers and putting our hope and trust in God, God saw fit to preserve my life and I had a stem cell transplant on September 13th 2017. A successful transplant at that. I am just over 1 year cancer free!!!!!!! It has been an incredibly humbling time for myself and my family. Recovering from a transplant has been much more difficult then we ever imagined. GVHD has enjoyed creeping into my body and given me quite a bit of trouble, set me back a lot. I have had to step back and keep away from sickness, which means being more isolated. Many infections. I have had my body change over and over again. Hair loss twice, weight gain from steroids, weight loss from GVHD, fatigue and the list goes on and on. I have managed to keep my head on straight and focus on the positive and joy in my life. Each day is a precious gift.

I hope you choose to follow me as I talk about hope and peace. My faith and family is everything so I’m sure that will also be a highlight. I am blunt and honest. I tell it like it is and sometimes it may not be good but it’s how we become stronger. I am also on a mission to turn as much of my personal products natural and hope to try new natural products that aren’t cancer causing or hard on the body and let you know my thoughts on them. Depression and anxiety have been part of my life and even though I feel freedom from depression, anxiety is still there. I hope I can offer encouragement to those struggling. Struggling with cancer, mental illness, loss of faith, or any other hardship. I will pray for you.

This week I will be doing a blog post everyday to jumpstart this blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to share my blog! Would love to get the word out.

Lots of love,



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